About USA Breakdown

USABreakdown.com is a national truck and trailer repair directory. We connect fleet owners, and independent contractors with repair vendors offering roadside assistance. Consistently expanding, we grow our database of vendors daily.

USABreakdown is owned and operated by trucking professionals who have been in the industry for over a decade. The CEO, Eli Williams, is a former driver, maintenance coordinator, and general tech enthusiast.

We provide a diverse list of vendors to help fleets make cost effective decisions when they experience a breakdown. This list is sourced from various sources online and verified by the company to ensure accurate information.

Three Strike Rule

We’re familiar with working with vendors and how the breakdown process goes. We’ve personally worked with great vendors and some not-so-great vendors. We want everyone who uses our service to have a great experience from start to finish.

Vendors are governed by a three strike policy. Vendors must act in an ethical and honest manner at all times. Users may report a vendor by using the Contact Us link in which the complaint will be investigated by USABreakdown staff.

If a complaint is merited, that will count as a strike against the vendor. After three merited complaints, the vendor will be removed from USABreakdown entirely and banned from ever listing with our company.