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Finding Potential Breakdowns during your Pre-Trip Inspection

pre trip inspection

As required by law and for the safety of fellow motorists, all commercial truck drivers are required to perform a pre-trip inspection before starting their hours of service. Failure to do so can lead to DOT fines, violations, and a lower CSA (Compliance, Safety, Accountability) score.  However, a proper pre-trip inspection serves another important purpose: …

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What To Do When Your Semi-Truck Has A Breakdown

semi breakdown

No commercial driver likes it when they have a truck breakdown. Knowing what to do when your truck breaks down helps keep the road safe for you and others, while saving your time and money when you can minimize downtime. In this article, we will cover what truckers must do when they have a breakdown …

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9 Ways to Save Money on the Road

save money on the road trucking

Being a commercial driver can be expensive. With marked-up beverages at truck stops, expensive commercial truck repairs, overpriced restaurant meals, and a host of other expenses, it’s not uncommon to end up losing cash on the road or having a paycheck that barely covers your daily expenditures.  To help commercial drivers save money, we’ve compiled …

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How to Improve Routes with Trucking Logistics

trucking logistics improvements

No matter what materials are being transported, it is vital to have trucking logistics in place for your company. In addition, the fleet operations may need dispatch software for its day to day operations management. Finally, delivery times of a product are essential to have quick routes. Thus logistics in the trucking industry needs to …

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The Ultimate Guide To Semi-Truck Oil Changes

Semi Truck

Oil changes are an essential ongoing preventive maintenance service needed by all commercial truck owners. Semi-truck oil changes also rank as one of the more costly ongoing expenses that truck owners must burden. Thus, new methods of extending the oil change interval on commercial vehicles are being developed every year. In recent years, there has …

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Everything You Need to Know about a Pre-trip Inspection


Truck drivers should be aware of the importance of conducting pre-trip inspections. Unfortunately, not every truck driver takes the time to understand the intricate process and details of the pre-trip inspection. In fact, the process is vital to ensure everything is functional and operating properly. As sad as it is to say from former experience …

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GPS Fleet Tracking – Is It Needed?

GPS Fleet Tracking

Using GPS Trackers – For the Safety of Your Asset Since GPS technology was introduced, several industries have benefit from the range of features this technology has to offer. One of the biggest advantages of GPS enabled technologies is the safety and security it provides. This applies especially for the trucking industry. With GPS fleet …

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12 Common Semi-Truck Breakdowns You Need To Know

road hazard cone breakdown

When you are on the road, you’re making money. When you’re stuck on the side of the road waiting for semi repair, you can start counting the dollars as they drift away. Semi-truck towing isn’t cheap, and it isn’t even the ultimate solution. Semi-truck breakdowns happen in the most inconvenient places to boot. Knowledge Is …

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