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Marijuana In Trucking

Marijuana In The Trucking Industry

Marijuana Mania has gone wild over the past few years. Some states have legalized it for personal use and in other states, it is still a criminal activity to use marijuana. But rest assured, no matter where you reside in…

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how much do truck drivers make

How Much Do Truck Drivers Make?

While many potential drivers would like to know the salary of truck drivers, the answer to this question is slightly difficult because there are many variables. Most trucking companies pay their drivers by the mile rather than the hour. There…

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What is Dedicated Trucking?

Today the trucking industry has several types of truck driving jobs, all of which have their pros and cons. For those who are considering a dedicated trucking job, read on. What is Dedicated Trucking? In general, most truck drivers are…

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Semi Truck CDL

What Are The Different CDL Endorsements?

CDL endorsements are additional skills commercial drivers can apply for when going to the DMV to get your commercial driver’s license. These endorsements give special permissions to drivers who drive certain types of vehicles not covered under a regular Class…

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what is regional truck driving

What is Regional Truck Driving?

Most people who are thinking of entering the truck driving profession assume that truck driving only involves going cross-country; unfortunately, this false belief is one reason why some people do not want to become truck drivers. The fact is that…

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stay awake long haul trucking

How to Stay Awake on Long Hauls

How to Stay Awake While Truck Driving   Long haul trucking is an essential way of getting supplies from one location to another. In this profession, you must get used to navigating along roads for long periods at a time.…

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