Chevron Delo 600 Diesel Engine Oil Better for DPF’s

Delo 600 ADF, a new diesel engine oil will be hitting the shelves this December in two variants 15W-40 and 10W-30. Chevron states the new oil will be a “game changer” in the industry. They also state that “this is not an incremental change, this is a step change. This marks a major milestone in the companies development for diesel oils. The company is set to launch an online educational campaign around the new oil.Delo 600 ADF

Modern day diesel oils have a limit of 1% sulfated ash. A new additive by Chevron changed the typical formulation to reduce sulfated ash to 0.4%. This could lead to less clogging of a DPF by up to 60%.

The DPF usually collects around 90% of diesel particulate and the regeneration cycle generally removes soot buildup from the DPF. Overtime the DPF will clog and drivers will have to do more frequent regen’s.

Development for the new oil started around 2005 after the company noted the problem with soot build-up. At the time emissions regulations became less lenient on diesel trucks. The idea and motivation behind the Delo 600 adf sparked when an OEM customer made a comment to a company executive about having to replace DPF’s earlier than expected.

The manager of process research, Kamala Krishna, stated Tuesday

“Delo 600 ADF significantly reduces the rate of DPF clogging, extending DPF service life by up to 2.5 times, and bringing a 3% fuel economy retention advantage over the life of the equipment, delivering significant savings to customers.”

The new oil will fit price wise between Delo’s full synthetic engine oil and it’s semi-synthetic blend. The improved fuel economy might be the biggest benefit to large trucking fleets. Additionally, longer lasting diesel particulate filters will follow with the oil’s use.

The oil will start with being available to larger trucking fleets and slowly work it’s way into the retail market later on. More details about Chevron’s new Delo 600 ADF can be found on this product page.

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