Everything You Need to Know about a Pre-trip Inspection


´╗┐Truck drivers should be aware of the importance of conducting pre-trip inspections. Unfortunately, not every truck driver takes the time to understand the intricate process and details of the pre-trip inspection. In fact, the process is vital to ensure everything is functional and operating properly. As sad as it is to say from former experience …

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Marijuana In The Trucking Industry

Marijuana In Trucking

Marijuana Mania has gone wild over the past few years. Some states have legalized it for personal use and in other states, it is still a criminal activity to use marijuana. But rest assured, no matter where you reside in the USA, marijuana is not legal under federal laws. The federal government recognizes marijuana as …

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How Much Do Truck Drivers Make? (2020)

how much do truck drivers make

While many potential drivers would like to know the salary of truck drivers, the answer to this question is slightly difficult because there are many variables. Most trucking companies pay their drivers by the mile rather than the hour. There are other factors that determine what your salary might be. Some of these factors include …

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What is Dedicated Trucking?

Today the trucking industry has several types of truck driving jobs, all of which have their pros and cons. For those who are considering a dedicated trucking job, read on. What is Dedicated Trucking? In general, most truck drivers are assigned deliveries for a variety of companies. Each day deliveries are made to different companies …

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