What is Dedicated Trucking?

Dedicated Trucking

Today the trucking industry has several types of truck driving jobs, all of which have their pros and cons. For those who are considering a dedicated trucking job, read on.

What is Dedicated Trucking?

In general, most truck drivers are assigned deliveries for a variety of companies. Each day deliveries are made to different companies along different routes.

This type of trucking is known as a non-dedicated driving assignment because not only does the receiving company change everyday but also the route.

In fact, every day, the driver has to speak to the manager to learn what freight where he/she will be delivering and to whom.

On the other hand, there are also dedicated trucking jobs. In this type of job, the trucker delivers shipments to the same customer and takes the same route every single day. For example, a truck driver may load the truck in Brooklyn and then go up north to Syracuse to deliver the shipment.

Once unloaded, he will pick up another shipment from Syracuse and then deliver to another customer in Brooklyn. The same trucking routine takes place every single day.

What are the Pros of Working as a Dedicated Truck Driver?

For those who decide to work as a dedicated truck driver, here is a list of the positives:

Predictable lifestyle:

Working as a dedicated truck driver does bring some type of stability for the driver. The driver not only knows the route but the time it will take to get back and forth. The driver does not have to worry about finding a new place to fill the truck with gas, eat food or sleep.

Thus, he or she can make other plans for the rest of the day or the weekend. Since the work is predictable, one can make future plans.

Developing stable relationships:

Being a dedicated truck driver also means that one encounters the same customers on a regular basis.

This allows one to bond and form better interpersonal and inter-professional relationships. Delivering freight to customers then becomes a more enjoyable and satisfying experience

Scheduling is regular:

With dedicated truck driving, one has a more predictable schedule and hence the driver can predict when he or she will be home. This allows one more freedom to plan other things in life. Most dedicated truck drivers work during the day and are only required to be on the road at night once or twice a week.

Allows for family and personal time:

Since being a dedicated truck driver is stable and predictable, it allows the driver to spend more time with his/her family and friends. On average, one can expect to spend the night with the family 3-4 times a week. For many truck drivers, this is the reason why they prefer being a dedicated truck driver instead of a long haul driver.

Financial consistency:

Because a dedicated truck driver has a task almost every day, this ensures that the salary will be consistent. With other types of trucking jobs, the work is not always consistent and hence the salary also varies.

For those starting out as a new truck driver or have a family, having a stable salary can help bring personal stability and can allow one to purchase a home or a car. On average, dedicated truck drivers make about $62,543/year according to ZipRecruiter.


Finally being a dedicated truck driver also allows one to go up the ladder. There is always room in management, finance, quality control, and customer service.

What are the Cons of Dedicated Trucking?

While becoming a dedicated truck driver has some benefits, one should also be aware of the following disadvantages:

1. It does not provide all types of trucking experience. Dedicated truck drivers may not get adequate long haul experience and thus, even if they want to switch over to cross country driving, they may not be fully prepared.

2. In general, truck drivers who deliver freight across the country are highly paid. Unlike dedicated truck drivers who drive on regional roads tend to have a lower salary.

But mind you, long-distance truck driving is not for everyone. Finally, without experience as a long haul driver, some companies may not hire a dedicated truck driver who wants to change jobs.

3. Fewer opportunities: While dedicated truck driving does offer stability in terms of pay and a consistent schedule, it also results in slightly fewer opportunities.

For example, dedicated truck drivers may not get opportunities to pick up extra work, whereas, with long haul driving, this is very common.

In addition, one also does not get to see new places or develop the same type of experience as a long haul driver.

Should I become a Dedicated Truck Driver?

Long haul driving is not for everyone; it is a demanding, lonely and hard job. Being away from family and friends for many weeks, sleeping rough and not eating healthy is not everyone’s cup of tea.

For drivers who are just starting, becoming a dedicated truck driver offers stability in terms of job and finances. If becoming a dedicated truck driver doesn’t seem like your ideal job, you may consider looking into becoming a regional truck driver.

The work is more predictable and satisfying. For those who eventually get bored of being a dedicated truck driver, they are always free to become a long haul driver.


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