New Management and Updates to Come

Hello Folks!

It’s been some time since the site has had an update and that’s something coming in the near future. The overall functionality should remain the same, it will still be free to list your businesses here but there will be some changes to back end of this process.

Business Verification

All Businesses and their claims will be verified from now on. What this means for our vendors is that after submitting your business to our website, we will reach out to you personally and request verification of your business. This usually will come in the request of a copy of your W-9 to verify business validity and ownership.

We believe this helps reassure our users that only trusted and verified vendors will be added to the directory.

All premium listings will be processed through our payment partner, Paypal. These listing will be verified and processed within 72 hours. If your premium listing has not been processed within this time frame, please scroll to the bottom of the page and submit an inquiry though the contact form or send an email to

If sending us an email, please include your name, business name, phone number, and your username from this website so we may properly address your issue.


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