Transporting Hemp Now Legal According to New USDA Guidelines

Transporting Hemp for industrial use is now legal after the USDA ruling. A bill signed last December by President Trump contained a provision which makes it illegal to prohibit the transportation of hemp and it’s products.

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Although the bill was passed nearly a year ago, transportation of hemp was a controversial topic until the USDA released the guidelines on its transportation. Although it is now federally accepted, carriers should be mindful of local and state level laws. Hemp bans on a state level can still be enforced such as the production and intrastate transportation.

A quote from CCJ Digital’s Matt Cole:

…three truckers previously charged with federal marijuana possession and drug trafficking entered into misdemeanor plea deals to reduce their sentences for hauling hemp in Idaho, a state that considers hemp a controlled substance. The reduced charges got the drivers out of jail time, but they are still required to serve unsupervised probation, as well as pay fines and restitution.

With new laws developing rapidly in regard to Hemp and it’s products, carriers and drivers alike must stay vigilant to avoid any possible hangups with the law.

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