Thanksgiving Traffic Expected To Rise in 2019



Thanksgiving Traffic Estimations for 2019


This thanksgiving around 50 million people will travel the country’s roads. Slightly more than in previous years which equates into a 2.8% increase.

This data comes from a collaboration between travel services giant AAA and transportation analytics company INRIX.

If you are traveling this Thanksgiving holiday, expect major delays throughout, with the largest cities having the worst delays. Los Angeles and New York are among the top cities to expect delays with trips expected to take 3.5 times longer on the day before Thanksgiving.

Truck drivers should plan accordingly and prepare for traffic congestion. New truck drivers may consider taking a look at our recent article that goes through some suggestions for new truckers. Remember, always leave room ahead of you and practice the SMITH system, it really works.

As people gather with families and relatives, traffic conditions are expected to be the worst between the hours of 5-7pm in each respective time zone. Wednesday afternoon will be the worst time to be on the road according to USA Today.

Transportation analyst at INRIX stated in a news release “With record levels of travelers, and persistent population growth in the country’s major metropolitan areas, drivers must prepare for major delays,”.

Google Maps published a collection of travel tips for Thanksgiving recently listing the worst times to travel.

Source: GoogleTrends via Github

Considering the data in the graph above, peaks in traffic are expected at various times throughout the holiday. In most major cities traffic will peak in the morning hours followed by afternoon and again after midnight.


Practice Safe Driving


While truckers should always be vigilant while they drive, drivers should pay extra attention during these times. Traffic fatalities happen in the hundreds each year with higher volumes during the holidays. Keep these pointers in mind this Thanksgiving.

  • Stay alert while you drive.
  • Keep space between you and the vehicle ahead.
  • Slow down, your life is worth more than your load.
  • Consider changing your normal travel times to off peak hours.

We want everyone to have a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday. Perform safe driving practices at all times and remember this always, your load is not worth your life.

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